Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturdays are AWESOME days...

Even though I have made quite a few new things this week, I didn't get pics up, so, I will work on that.

I just love Saturdays. When I waas working outside of our home, I loved them because I could sleep in. Now I love them because Eric is home, the boys usually sleep late, and I can start thinking of Sunday, lol.

Yes, Saturdays are great.

Fridays are not bad either. Yesterday we got the news that we will have a new grandson in January. Eric's son is going to make him a Poppa! I love that and he is excited, too!We discovered when Miss Charley Brooke came along, that we were born to be grandparents! We have found our calling in life!

While we will have to wait to see our new bundle of joy, I am sure that he will be awesome! In the meantime, we will continue to spoil the "Queen" as rotten as we possibly can!

Be blessed and bless someone else today. Give a little of the joy you wish to recieve and see how much you get in return!

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